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ORCM Architecture Model Transcendence, part 1

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ORCM Architecture Model

Timezone & localization-based limitations override


ORCM Architecture Model Transcendence, part 1 : Time zone & localization-based limitations override

Relations created online have some advantages over «offline» relations, at least in a business context. Such an advantage is transcendence over timezone-related limitations.

First off, this type of relations can be maintained/managed 365, 24/7: for example, your ABC social network app will notify you of posts related to you, even if those were invoked in the middle of the night while you were sleeping. You may also post while you are sleeping, as automation tools such as Buffer and numerous others enable one to schedule posting activities in the future; this can facilitate over-the-clock social network feeds and reaching out to potential followers/customers in different countries/time zones, etc. Those type of 2.0 tools (interface-based, user-friendly IT tools that do not require any particular IT expertise) can transcend material/physical constraints as they open a new world of networking possibilities, of which we do not know yet the 100% full reach.

«Physical/material» type of communications, such as regular mail, do not run 365, 24/7 as there are many constraints associated with traditional communications. Those online, «non-material» communications can then also be managed through software-generated interfaces, enhancing productivity and usability. There are physical constraints in some ways though: if your internet connection is down; if your electronic mail service is down; if your website hosting provider is down; if there is a power outage where you are located; etc. Also, people forget that the cloud is not magic: instead of being physically located on your own computer your files are stored physically on someone else’s computer/server. Which means if this guy goes down, your files go down too… Most likely Google/Apple/IBM/Microsoft/Facebook/Dropbox/etc. servers will not go down for a long period of time but there is no absolute certainty whatsoever over those matters. Nonetheless, even though online+cloud is not a synonym for godly perfection it still is much, much superior in its overall efficiency and availability than trad communications. And think of it: a Web server won’t go on strike, while trad comm workers may eventually do so (automatization WIN).

Another positive aspect of online comms is the relative lack of relevance of one’s localization. You could be in India and follow the Twitter account of a US-based user. Traditional comms would involve complications, additional fees, etc. in order to establish and maintain a relation/communication between someone based in India with a US-based individual (although possible). Again, since online comms are less material-dependent than offline comms there are a fair share of limitations which can be ignored in the context of such relations & communications. Still, it is important to note that online comms do necessitate a proper telecom infrastructure, of course (like, you need the Net… Duh!). Also, by relative we want to point out that some applications, apps and devices are localization-based (such as Foursquare and similar apps/social networks). So, simply by being localization-based those type of apps introduce physical-based limitations to relations & communications established in the online realm. But that is what they intend to do, i.e. duplicate the physical, localization-based limitations of the offline world into the online world (concept of proximity-based relationships). Kind of ironic if you think about it.

So, apart from introducing the possibility of transcending physical limitations related to traditional communications, online relations do not cease to exist once completed as they might stay alive somewhere in the cloud, where they can be seen by flyers looking out the window of a magnificent blue Web sky… We will further elaborate into this aspect of online comms in part 2 of this thematic dissertation.



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