Workload automation

eRelations will provide your business with the expertise required to manage your business workload automation schedules and processes.

Workload automation

Our resources possess the knowledge and experience you need to work with AutoSys job scheduling, as well as other similar tools & software.
eRelations can fulfill your business needs for the following consultation services:

  • Scheduling expertise, skills & techniques (primarly using the AutoSys tool; no product installation and/or configuration)
  • Schedule analysis and reporting, schedule monitoring, schedule modification
  • Date/time, calendar conditions and other types of conditions (job dependencies, global variables, etc.)
  • Job/box creation, delete and update (jil scripting)
  • Global schedule processing and performance improvement through best practices implementation
  • How to implement change and manage incidents in the context of scheduling environments
  • Scheduling training, coaching & consulting services are available


Workload automation consulting services
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Scheduling expertise, skills & techniques (AutoSys scheduling)
Schedule analysis and reporting/monitoring/modification
Date-time/calendar/other starting conditions
Job creation/delete/update (jil scripting)
Global schedule processing and performance improvement
Implement change/manage incidents in scheduling environments
Scheduling training/coaching/consulting services


Other options are available, contact us for details.


Our workload automation services are supervised by eRelations president, Patrice Goulet, who worked extensively with automation tools, software & processes in various production environments as a scheduling SME (Subject Matter Expert).
His expertise is unmatched on the level of production schedules analysis, conception and support activities.
He gained precious experience working with important IT firms (IBM, CGI) in the context of critical banking scheduling environments for clients such as Quebec’s CDP (Caisse de Depot et Placements) as well as Desjardins.

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