Social Network Analysis

eRelations will provide your business with the expertise required to perform your business social network analysis and related processes.


Our resources possess the knowledge and experience you need to work with Gephi in the context of social network analysis, as well as other similar tools & software.

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Social Network Analysis - Gephi

Social Network Analysis - Linkedin

eRelations may provide you with the following social network analysis consulting services:

  • Import a social network into a GUI (graphical user interface) for analysis purposes
  • Find out which nodes (people/customers, businesses, partners) have the highest degree (number of edges/connections)
  • Identify the nodes which are the most active (number of posts/interactions on the network)
  • Find and classify all connected components (sub-networks included in the global network)
  • Identify the giant component (biggest connected component) of a particular network
  • Target the nodes with the highest potential for reaching a giant component
  • Provide a graphic visualization of your network (with Gephi or other tools/GUI/apps)
  • Create an analysis report detailing criteria above in written format (.pdf with embedded graphs/screenshots)


Social Network Analysis consulting services
(contact eRelations)
Import social networks into a GUI, analyze them
Find out which nodes have the highest degree
Identify the most active nodes
Find and classify all connected components
Identify the giant component
Target nodes with highest potential for reaching giant component
Provide a graphic visualization of your network
Create a social network analysis report


Any social network can be analyzed: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Other options are available, contact us for details.


Our social network analysis consulting services are supervised by eRelations president, Patrice Goulet, as well as eRelations VP, Monica Voicu, both having obtained Social Network Analysis (University of Michigan) and Networked Life (University of Pennsylvania) attestations from Coursera.

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