Social Media Conflict Management

eRelations will advise you on how to manage online conflicts and crises occurring in social media networks through conflict resolution expertise and techniques such as ADR (alternative dispute resolution) and other social media conflict management processes and skills.


eRelations - Social Media Conflict Management

Our resources can show you how to manage social media conflicts in a productive way but also how to prevent such issues from arising.
eRelations can fulfill your business needs for the following Social Media Conflict Management consultation services:

  • Analyzing an ongoing conflict on a social network, blog or forum (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.)
  • Providing management with a written report detailing ongoing social media online crisis and their potential impacts
  • Monitoring a particular social media, or a set of social networks, for potential conflicts
  • Designing a strategy to prevent and mitigate conflicts and crisis from arising through your business social networks
  • Global schedule processing and performance improvement through best practices implementation
  • Implementing this strategy throughout your social networks, by informing community managers
  • Upgrading social media conflict management through coaching and training activities


Social Media Conflict Management
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Analyze ongoing social media conflicts
Provide management with written report on ongoing crises
Monitor social networks for potential conflicts
Design strategies to prevent conflicts
Implement conflict management strategies throughout social networks
Provide social media conflict management coaching and training


Other options are available, contact us for details.


Our conflict resolution services are supervised by eRelations VP, Monica Voicu, who studied extensively ADR (alternative dispute resolution) skills, techniques & methods through a Master’s thesis in Law pertaining to alternative dispute resolution in the context of empowerment-based processes.
Her Bachelor of Social Work also gives her a larger perspective on conflicts and the necessary business culture changes that can help prevent conflicts from occurring in relationships with clients, customers as well as in the workplace environment.

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eRelations - Social Media Conflict Management 
eRelations - Social Media Conflict Management