eRelations R&D services are managed as projects. Those projects include conceptual and practical researches and analysis pertaining to human relations and communications applied to emerging technologies. Results may be presented as documentation, seminars or other means.

  Empowerment and Emerging Technologies

Researches, analysis & documentation pertaining to empowerment and emerging technologies; point out & explain specific characteristics differentiating online empowerment and offline empowerment; identify factors facilitating the emergence of a new online culture using empowerment-based practices.

 Telecommuting and Interactive Communication for Businesses

Researches, analysis & documentation pertaining to telecommuting practices in businesses; complete analysis following the implementation of a telecommuting system and emergence of common practices; analysis of the influence of telecommuting on business global communication strategies; impact of telecommuting on employees’ mutual interactions; impact and influence of various telecommuting systems on the business’ organisational culture and common practices.

Participation & Emerging Technologies as Tools for Remote Communities Development & Growth

Researches, analysis & documentation pertaining to the role of emerging technologies in remote communities empowerment processes & methods; exploring facilitation and citizen participation through new social media tools & networks; breaking down social isolation and helping communities to reach for more autonomy through introduction of empowerment-based online relation and communication tools.

Cyber Bullying in Business/Workplace Environments

Researches, analysis & documentation addressing the various problematic contexts and situations linked to cyber bullying in business environment; elaboration of innovative strategies & methods geared towards solving business cyber problems; elaboration of innovative strategies & methods designed to prevent cyber problems in business environments.

Online leadership

Researches, analysis & documentation pertaining to the emergence of various forms of online leadership; elaboration of innovative strategies & methods to create, reinforce & upgrade online leadership manifestations; analysis & diagnosis applied on various factors contributing to or refraining internal business leadership & participative practices, i.e. business culture & common practices, etc.

Online knowledge sharing & transfer

Researches, analysis & documentation pertaining to business-based online knowledge sharing & transfer methods, techniques and best practices. Document and evaluate efforts required to proceed to a quick but successful knowledge transfer; detail how massive workforce generations shifts impact companies and create a burden on businesses to find staff who possess the expertise required for specific tasks and how sharing and transferring knowledge to a renewed workforce helps mitigate related risks. Detail and experiment use of the vast possibilities available on the market today: tools (software, applications, “apps”, etc.) as well as methods (training sessions, teleconferencing, webinars, etc.) that can facilitate knowledge sharing & transfer processes.