Telework Integration

Telework Integration:

Planning, Strategy & Implementation

Laptop  Telework or telecommuting can be interesting options for any organization to: contribute to staff retention; achieve a better work-life balance for their employees; cut down on real estate related expenses; reduce the environmental impact of your business.


  eRelations will help you answer those questions

  • What could be the benefits related to the use of telework in our organization?
  • What are the particular issues that could prevent us from making telework available in our business/organization?
  • How can we enhance staff productivity, motivation and overall engagement in the context of telework?
  • How can telework be part of a strategy to plan work online, optimize productivity and cut costs for my business?
  • How can we maximize online communications efficiency in the context of telework in order to increase staff participation to online activities?
  • Do our resources possess the proper tools for telework?
  • How is telework relevant in regard to efforts to achieve a better work-life balance and reinforce staff recruitment/retention strategies?