ORCM in Business Environment

Online Relations & Communications Management 

   Massive use of emerging technologies and online communications in modern organizations bring forth new challenges for today’s elite businesses. eRelations will help you meet your growth objectives by providing you with specialized relational & communicational services.


eRelations will help you answer those questions

  • Are online communications used in an efficient way in my business and can they be improved?
  • Do my resources possess the right tools to communicate, plan & organize work online?
  • How can we manage online relations & communications in order to boost staff participation, collaboration and level of engagement?
  • Is there a quality control process applied to online communications established with our business’ clients, partners and suppliers?
  • What are the pros & cons related to the use of social media and Web-based strategies in my organization?
  • How can we manage our business social media accounts in a productive way?
  • What is the potential ROI related to efficient communications in my business?