Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing & Transfer Online Strategies

eRelations Knowledge Sharing & Transfer Online Strategies Use of new technologies & online communications inspire modern organizations to develop innovative knowledge sharing strategies.


eRelations will help you answer those questions

  • Does my business/organization own an online knowledge sharing system/process?
  • (No) What could be the benefits of implementing such a system in our workplace environment?
  • (Yes) Is the system used in a productive way and could it be improved in order to enhance staff engagement, participation & collaboration?
  • How do our employees share their knowledge online: which tools do they work with to communicate their expertise to others (intranet, wikis, web pages, social media, etc.)?
  • Which processes, tools & methods are used to plan & organize work online?
  • Do all of our employees possess the required skills to use a knowledge sharing system?
  • Are there best practices and a clear policy made available for our staff regarding knowledge sharing activities & processes?


Various options are available, contact us for details.