Business 2.0


eRelations - Business 2.0 In order to evolve to 2.0 it is essential to get a clear picture of your needs and target the Web 2.0 tools and online strategies most suited to your business. Web 2.0 tools & methods will enable businesses, professionals, consultants and public organizations to cut costs while optimizing productivity and work planning.


eRelations will help you answer those questions

  • What are the main benefits of Web 2.0?
  • Which tools are used in a 2.0 context and how can I find the ones most suited for my organization?
  • How can I gain the most out of Web 2.0 in my work as a consultant, professional, manager or freelancer?
  • Are our business’ organizational needs compatible with 2.0 tools & methods?
  • Do our key personnel understand how Web 2.0 can be useful in the context of their daily work activities?
  • What exactly could prevent 2.0 tools & methods to be used in an optimal way in my work and throughout my organization?
  • What is the actual impact of adopting business 2.0 culture on management practices and business strategies and what could this mean in the case of our organization?
  • Which specific needs does 2.0 intend to cater to and how could this translate into on a financial level?
  • What is the potential ROI linked to adopting 2.0 culture, tools & methods?


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