Empowering Remote Communities

Empowering Remote Communities & Organizations through Emerging Technologies

Empowering Remote Communities and Organizations - eRelations Efficient use of online communications & new technologies enable remote communities to accelerate socio-economic growth and reinforce their empowerment processes.


eRelations will help you answer those questions 

  • How can new technologies help my community develop and grow?
  • Which services are available online for communities, how are those useful to us and how can they be obtained?
  • How can we enhance online participation & collaboration between our citizens/members throughout the community?
  • What are virtual communities and how can those contribute to our community’s growth and evolution?
  • How can social media, social networks & new technologies be used as tools for socio-economic development for my community?
  • As a public or private organization how can we best promote the online services we are offering to remote communities?



Various options are available, contact us for details.