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Natural-Born Online Gurus

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Natural-Born Online Gurus

They are household names like Brian, Mary, Seth, Chris, etc. They are a new kind of thought leaders. They are called social media gurus, online marketing prophets or engagement evangelists. Some of their followers have all their work (eBook, tweets, blogs,etc.) and believe everything they say. One of my friends called Brian Solis a G-O-D.


More than money or notoriety online gurus have something that people want : it’s called P-O-W-E-R. They may seem cool, sociable, next door guys but still they do think before writing their next blog or tweet that 140 line that may damage their online reputation. Like any thought leaders people have to be careful, not to get carried away by meaningful sentences or powerful words.


Like other thought leaders Freud, Marx, Gandhi, etc. they have a responsibility to protect their followers and we have a responsibility to keep our critical sense in regard to all that is said and done online.


It’s not easy to be a thought leader, an online guru. Some people are born with incredible qualities to communicate, to connect and to interact with other human beings. But that is not enough.
To become an online prophet you have to:— adapt your natural qualities, competence, style to an online audience
learn from your audience, to be an online leader you have to be a listener
clear thoughts, simple words and short sentences
a true ”socializer” and ”connector”
 you have to be your biggest fan!

The future belongs to people who are able to build groups, community and mobs online with a powerful and meaningful online presence that gives them the opportunity to connect and gather through ideas, opinions and values.

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