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Gamification: Engaging is fun

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Gamification: Engaging is fun - eRelations

Gamification: Engaging is fun

Lately, marketers don’t know what to do anymore to reach customers. There are thousands of them selling SEO, PageRanking, affiliations and cheap publicity. The same message over and over again about metrics, numbers, money and products. Well at some point e-marketing seems to be losing its appeal. It seems boring, no-fun and old. Gamification is a new way of engaging. It makes engagement fun, it makes engagement easy and most of all it gives a fresh start to an old-fashioned brand. More and more evangelists are talking about engaging. Which means give more power to the customer and bring him/her to participate actively online.

Then the next question some strategists began to ask was: How do we engage people online? Seems to us we have been doing that for years through social media campaigns and our other services. Obviously most of those online campaigns didn’t reach their target and bring in new customer or make more loyal the ones we already have.

Engaging is not about doing things the same way but saying we do something different. To really engage customers online you have to change and transform the way your company is doing business. For example you cannot say you are an engaging company just because you sell your products on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You are becoming an engaging company because customers feel that they really want to participate, give their opinions and you as a business LISTEN to what they have to say. They feel a sense of belonging.

Gamification is a way of using game elements in new and creative ways to interest people to what your business has to offer. Gamification uses elements like points, badges and leaderboards among other means to make people excited about a brand and especially see that it can be fun to participate, to collaborate with others and to talk about a product in an engaging and creative manner.


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