Mission and Values

eRelations Mission and Values


eRelations Mission and Values



eRelations will enable businesses, organizations, government institutions and individuals to better understand and upgrade the quality of their global online relations, communications and information exchange through new and emerging technologies. We will help you to adapt your common online practices to online best practices; the quality of your online relations & communications will thus be better suited to the online realm and its underlying characteristics. We will provide you with the tools to generate and reinforce a strong online presence that will enable you to build a potent online interactive network. eRelations services will empower your business to be a leader in the online world.


      Social Mission

As a young and dynamic business, eRelations also adheres to a strong social mission. eRelations views the Web realm and its massive use of relations & communications as a potential stepping stone for social reinsertion, finding resources and support groups for people in need as well as a means for vulnerable individuals to make progress in a work reintegration process. To support those strategies, eRelations is proud to return 3% of its net profit to the community. This money will serve to buy computers and/or enable internet access to various organizations providing relief to those most in need in our society. Each of our clients will receive a yearly report stating his individual contribution to this special eRelations fund.




Throughout the process of its founding eRelations designated a series of values that accurately describe the vision of its cofounders, values which they intend to fully integrate into the business’ core strategies and processes. eRelations services & products delivered to our clients will have to be aligned with those values. eRelations employees and contractors will thus be informed of those values and will have to respect the essence of those values throughout all service delivery processes, methods & execution. Strategic positioning alongside those values ensures service delivery is consistent with eRelations corporate culture.
Here are those values :

   eRelations Inc. Charter of Values

 – Innovation & creativity

      – Self-empowerment & empowerment of others

    – Ethics & transparency

      – Open-mindedness & diversity

       – Respect of the environment