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Conflict resolution skills for Social Media

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Conflict resolution skills for Social Media

Lately I came across this great article about the importance of conflict management on Twitter.


Various businesses and organizations tend to hire marketing professionals to manage their social media accounts. They often think about the product itself and focus on the marketing aspect and less on what happens when there are crisis and conflicts on their social media platforms. If you hire a community manager make sure he or her has the skills to manage problems when they appear. Waiting and seeing is not the good strategy. Just like any conflict a misunderstanding on a social platform tends to get big very fast. The BIG difference is that it can get to thousands of followers in seconds and eventually take your brand down. So any serious community manager should have at least minimal training in conflict resolution skills.


First thing to do? Well, be sure as a serious organization that the person in charge of your social media accounts has some experience with conflict management, crisis management and understands the importance of quality-oriented customer relations (even more on social media platforms). If not, get them as soon as possible some training on how to manage crisis and conflict on social media.


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